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You’ve worked hard to make your veterinary practice successful. Now you’re ready to make it more efficient, more profitable, and more satisfying than ever before. That’s where we come in.

Shawn McVey will teach you the practical skills you need to move your business from good to great. Learn new strategies you can put to work the very next day: conflict management, long-term planning, communication, and team-building. Shawn’s honesty, and his willingness to share real-world successes and failures, make him one of the top educators in the veterinary management community.

Find out how to put the magic back into your practice. Read more about Shawn here. Visit our Speaking page and download the catalog here. Contact us here to book Shawn for your next training session. Whether training your staff onsite or working with you virtually, Shawn will give you the tools you need.

Meet Shawn McVey

shawn_mcveyShawn is an open, honest person who will push all the right buttons to get you to work together as a team and help you realize your full potential as a leader. He combines his background as a psychotherapist with 20 years of in-the-trenches experience building specialty and emergency practices to show you what “is” in your practice, along with what “could be.” He knows how to get you there—a workplace that’s more team-oriented, flexible, happy, respectful, and productive. Learn more about Shawn here.

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