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Here you’ll find Shawn’s articles that have been published by Firstline and Veterinary Economics magazines. The articles cover a wide range of topics, from “Communicating Change Gracefully” to “Stress Management: When Work Gets Toxic.” We’ve listed a few of the most helpful ones below.

The most common veterinary management challenge
Getting any group of people on the same wavelength can be difficult. When that group is your staff, you must be clear when communicating with each other and when communicating each person’s role on the team.

Stop feeling guilty about cash-strapped clients
Team members are caring, altruistic people. As such, you might feel a twinge of guilt talking to pet owners about high-level care when their funds are tight. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Confront the Elephant
Life is one extended conversation, but are there talks you’re not having that you should? Learn to lay issues on the table and push that elephant that’s been sitting on your table right out of your practice and your life.