McVey Management Solutions Presents Team Talk Webinar Series

You’ve been asking for it for years, and it’s coming late in 2013! McVey Management Solutions presents a 10-webinar series on team communication. Make Shawn’s training available 24/7 for you and your team members so that you can access it when it’s convenient for you. Shawn’s practical and engaging style of presentation ensures that you will come away with knowledge and skills you can put to use that day, and you’ll have fun learning, too!

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Registration fee: $199 per module, which includes:

  • A pre-recorded 45-minute video presentation of Shawn McVey’s words of wisdom about one of his most requested topics (access via the web)
  • Six months of unlimited access to the presentation by you and your entire team
  • Access to an electronic version of the handouts
  • 1 hour of management CE with certificate of completion (RACE approval-pending)

Why wait? You’ve wanted to give the magic of Shawn’s presentations to your entire team, and now’s your chance. Register now for one, two, three, or all 10 of the webinars, and you’ll recieve an email notification when they are available!

Just Need a Little Respect

Showing respect for your co-workers and bosses can be difficult when you disagree or are under pressure. But respect is an essential element of a harmonious and productive environment. Explore the ways you and your co-workers are and are not showing respect for each other, and learn how to change negative behavior patterns that undermine respect. You will be amazed by the positive difference it makes in your attitude and your ability to get along well at work.

Crystal Clear Communication in 5 Easy Steps

Do you sometimes walk away from a conversation wondering, “What just happened there?” Learn the value of a five-step communication process that you can consistently apply to every situation. Understand where your skill level is at as a communicator, and take home specific language to use in your very next interaction. You won’t walk away from a conversation feeling confused or frustrated ever again!

Essential Strategies for Coping with Boot-lickers, Buzz-Saws, and Other Difficult People

Those “difficult people” at work drive you crazy and create a toxic culture if you don’t deal with them. Learn what motivates these impossible bosses, colleagues, and employees so that you can better understand them. And most importantly, learn how to communicate with them effectively and still maintain your composure. Be that person who gets along with everyone, and watch how much more productive and fun your work environment becomes.

How to Become a Black-Belt in Difficult Conversations

Authentic, honest conversations foster the positive work environment we all crave. To create a culture of respect, you must become a black-belt in difficult conversations. Learn what to expect from them, how to avoid the common mistakes that make them harder than necessary, and how to tell the truth.

Money and Medicine: Getting Clients to Accept Your Fees

With an understanding of the client’s perception of value, you can create client-centric pricing that the team feels good about, too. In this webinar, we look at the factors that affect value, how to present estimates more effectively, and what to say in tough situations. We also address discounting and alternative payment options. You’ll finish this session with new skills, suggested scripts and conversation starters, and an appreciation of the role you play in making everyone more comfortable with the “money talk.”

Stress Management: How to Detox Your Work Environment

Do you have a toxic work environment that’s stressful and disempowering? Learn what the signs are, how you may be contributing to toxicity, and how to implement realistic changes to detoxify your work. You’ll leave this session with several important strategies for preserving your health and sanity long term.

The 3 Cs of Conflict: How to Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected

Ever been told you’re too aggressive at work? Or not assertive enough? Understand the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness by defining them, testing yourself for these traits, and responding to hypothetical scenarios. You’ll learn tons of specific language, tips, tricks, and techniques for being appropriately assertive in the workplace.

The 4 Social Styles Hard at Work

The degree to which you hold back or show your emotions, as well as how assertive you are, determines your work style. Analyticals, amiables, drivers, and expressives respond very differently to the same situation. You’ll learn which of the social styles you are and how to approach each of the four social styles at work. By understanding what drives each of you and how to best approach each other, you will build a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Negotiation: The Art of Getting Past No

Does negotiation seem like a dirty word to you? A process where everyone loses? Learn how to reframe negotiation into joint problem-solving. After this session, you’ll be better able to recognize your own barriers to cooperation and move past them, as well as neutralize confrontations by giving appropriate responses. Move beyond the back-and-forth model of inching toward compromise and learn to look at every negotiation as an opportunity for discussion and collaboration.

The 10-10-10 of Client Service

Breaking down client service into three parts of 10 simplifies what can seem like an overwhelming task. In this webinar, you’ll learn the correct and incorrect responses to the 10 most common service situations, 10 good client-service habits, and 10 ways to be a client-service role model. After this session, you’ll feel like a service pro!


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