Here we showcase Shawn McVey’s expertise in communication, team-building, leadership, emotional intelligence, and conflict management. The video clips give you a taste of Shawn’s direct teaching style. He incorporates his knowledge of business management, psychotherapy, social work, and practice administration to bring you practical advice that you can implement immediately.

Shawn McVey explains why focusing on the positive characteristics of your team members is good for business.


In this video from dvm360, Shawn discusses the challenges of high-volume veterinary practices,  contrasting this business model with a low-volume, high-touch approach.


Log in to VetVine (it’s free to register) to view this AAVSB RACE-approved webinar on demand (approved in New York and New Jersey). To earn CE credit, view the presentation and complete this Conflict Competence Self Evaluation. Watch a video preview of the seminar here:


In this video, Shawn McVey introduces his emotional intelligence workshop, conducted in multiple locations in the UK in July and August of 2013.

Shawn McVey explains how entrepreneurial skills often don’t overlap with emotional intelligence.

Shawn McVey explains why people who build their emotional intelligence skills often find new passion for their work.

Shawn McVey explains why clients value services more when they have made an emotional connection to the care provider.


The ultimate veterinary makeover
Shawn McVey channels his inner Clinton from TLC’s What Not to Wear and performs a makeover for a newly promoted manager. Together, they go on a wild ride to transform her style from sassy in scrubs to professional chic.

Top 10 signs your practice is toxic
How’s the atmosphere at your veterinary clinic? If you think everything is groovy, but you’re just not sure, check out Shawn McVey and the top 10 signs that your practice is toxic. This is great for a few laughs and shows Shawn’s sense of humor.

The most common veterinary challenge
Getting any group of people on the same wavelength can be difficult. When that group is your staff, consultant Shawn McVey says you must be clear when communicating with each other and when communicating each person’s role on the team.

Worst way to announce changes to the team
The way management tells team members about changes has a lot to do with whether those changes succeed. Follow these tips from Shawn McVey to get the whole team on board and excited about implementing new ideas.

Stop feeling guilty about cash-strapped employees
You can’t judge who will accept best-care recommendations and who won’t. Also, clients’ financial situations just aren’t your business. With that in mind, here’s how to feel OK recommending the best care all the time. Archives
Here you’ll find a few short videos published by, which cover topics such as “Top 10 ways to kill team communication” and “Smoothing the shift change.”

Shawn’s YouTube Channel
Here you’ll find several clips of Shawn on his UK 2013 tour, where he worked with participants in an emotional intelligence boot camp.