McVey058bShawn is an open, honest person who will push all the right buttons to get you to work together as a team and  realize your full potential as a leader. He combines his background as a psychotherapist with 20 years of in-the-trenches experience building specialty and emergency practices to show you what “is” in your practice, along with what “could be.” He knows how to get you there—to a workplace that’s more team-oriented, flexible, happy, respectful, and productive.

Shawn advises and trains veterinary practice teams approximately 50 times per year, and he would love to talk with you about how he can work magic in your practice.


Shawn McVey completed his graduate studies in 1991 in political social work and behavioral science. He then pursued a career as a psychotherapist and program director in psychiatric facilities. He transitioned into veterinary practice administration in 1994. He served as the CEO of Eye Care for Animals—a Phoenix, Arizona–based veterinary ophthalmology company that owns 30+ practices throughout the United States—among other administration roles.

In 2001, Mr. McVey founded McVey Management Solutions, a consulting business that specializes in improving veterinary health care delivery systems and improving workplace culture. Shawn is the founder and co-owner of Veterinary Specialists in Private Practice (VSIPP), an annual conference that provides continuing education for veterinarians and administrators in specialty medicine. In addition, Shawn is the Chief Executive Officer of and partner in Pathway Partners, a management service company that directs the operations of 10+ hospitals.

Mr. McVey is a graduate of Purdue’s Veterinary Management Institute (now known as Veterinary Practice Management Program), and is the first non-veterinarian to be named to the Board of Directors of the American Animal Hospital Association. Shawn is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Veterinary Economics and FirstLine Live magazines and has been named speaker of the year at both The North American Veterinary Conference and the Western Veterinary Conference.

Shawn speaking at CVC San Diego 2010
Shawn speaking at CVC San Diego 2010