What Would Shawn Do? Asking for a Past-Due Performance Review


I’m an experienced technician working in a busy veterinary practice. According to our employee manual, we are supposed to get an annual review on or before our anniversary date each year, when we are considered for a performance-based pay increase.

I’m coming up on two years there, but my boss, the practice owner, hasn’t scheduled a review meeting with me yet. I work hard to be 100% every day. I care about this practice, but I’m beginning to think she is simply trying to avoid giving me what I believe is a well-deserved raise. What should I do?


First, assume your boss has the best of intentions. As you said, this is a busy practice. Perhaps her neglect has nothing to do with lack of appreciation or avoiding giving you a raise and everything to do with the demands on her time and energy.

But you need to take the bull by the horns. Schedule the date and time for the performance review yourself, and send the owner a meeting request. Remind her that your two-year anniversary is coming up.

Let your boss know how eager you are to learn from her feedback. Tell her that you are always looking for ideas for how you can improve your performance and increase the value you add to the hospital.

If you take this proactive approach and your review is still indefinitely delayed, look for a new job. There are other opportunities available in the industry for someone with your experience and dedication.

Good luck!