What Would Shawn Do: Late Again?


I’ve been really struggling to come up with a fair policy that allows for the occasional bad morning but still holds members accountable. Would you be willing to share what you’ve had success with? Not only a number of allowable tardies, but also in what period of time? I’ve toyed with a certain number per month, per quarter, per year, and per any consecutive 90-day period, but I can’t seem to lock one down that works best. Would LOVE your expert opinion!


Three in a month is too many, or six in a twelve-month period.

The most important part of addressing this common problem is to have a consistent policy in writing. Make it a part of your written employee policy, and share it with everyone.

The first occurrence should prompt a verbal warning. The second occurrence warrants a written warning, It should be signed by both manager and employee and kept in the employee’s file. That’s two strikes. The third, and you’re out!

Good luck!


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