What Would Shawn Do: Getting Everybody on the A-Team


I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and a team lead for the technicians at my hospital. We have certain people that do more and are more efficient depending on who they work with. Do we change the schedule? Or do you believe that any employee should be capable of working just as well with person A as she does with person B?



Great question! I recommend reading a book called “Traction” by Gino Wickman. He talks about putting the right people in the right seats, a discipline that very much affects the efficiency of the organization. It applies to tasks and skills, not interpersonal relationships.

It seems that the owners are the doctors who always get the “best techs,” and the brightest employees get the best shifts. It should not be this way. Every employee should have a quantifiable skill set, and we should never have to settle for someone who is less productive than another when completing tasks.

Define each person’s skill set, and pay that employee within a range that reflects his or her skills. No changing the schedule. No more A team and B team.

Good luck!

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